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AAE Fastset Gel Fletching Adhesive 3g or 0.1oz

AAE Fastset Gel Fletching Adhesive 3g or 0.1oz


Hurry, These won't Last Long!

Fastset Gel Fletching Adhesive 3g or 0.1oz by AAE

The AAE Fastset Gel Fletching Adhesive for instantly & permanently gluing nocks & fletches to aluminium & carbon shafts.

AAE Fastset Gel is a cyanoacrylate adhesive formulated to instantly bond vanes, nocks, points to aluminium and carbon shafts, higher viscosity makes application easier, creating a permanent bond.

Specially formulated for gluing nocks, vanes, feathers to both aluminium and carbon shafts, including all varieties of,

  • Trueflight Feathers
  • Any other brand of feather
  • AAE Elite Plastifletch, Plastifletch Max and Max Hunter vanes
  • Bohning X2 Blazer, Blazer, Mini-Blazer, X Vane and Killer vanes
  • Range-O-Matic Spin Wings
  • Any other brand of vane
  • AAE nocks
  • Bohning nocks
  • Any other brand of nock

Its high viscosity makes application easier and bonds Plastifletch to the shaft instantly, creating a strong, permanent bond that must be cut to be removed.

AAE Fastset Gel is a superior nock and vane adhesive which comes in a 3gm or 0.11oz tube but is also available in a 9gm or 0.32oz tube.

Maximise adhesion of vanes and feathers by cleaning your shafts with AAE Max Clean Arrow Cleaner which is available and can be purchased separately.

You can also clean your shafts with soap and water. Scrub with an abrasive pad. Rinse with hot water. Let air dry.

If it's from AAE, it must be good and it sure is.

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