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Arrow Points

Arrow Points

- are what make the arrow stick into the target. They can be long, short, sharp, or rounded the possibilities are seemingly endless. The point may be glued onto the outside of the shaft (which is usually the case with wood or fiber- glass arrows) or can be glued on by inserting it into the shaft. Points for aluminum, carbon, and composite arrows are typically inserted into the arrow shaft. Many bowhunters favor field points for practicing. A field point can be screwed into the insert for practice and then unscrewed if the bowhunter wants to substitute a hunting point (called a broadhead). Points can be purchased separately from arrows, and they are available in various weights and lengths. Because the arrow point weighs very little, special scales are used, and the unit of measure is grains. One pound (0.5 kg) is the approximate equivalent of 7,000 grains.


Here at Bow Evolution we can find the best fit for your size, setup and archery goals. We have arrow points to fit every purpose.