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Bear Cruzer Compound Bow Ready To Hunt Set Realtree

Bear Cruzer Compound Bow Ready To Hunt Set

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The Cruzer Compound Bow Ready To Hunt Set by Bear Archery.

The Bear Cruzer Compound Bow Ready To Hunt Set with greater maneuverability on the hunting trail and a short axle-to-axle measurement and light mass weight.


Specs at a glance : Bear Cruzer Compound Bow Ready To Hunt Set

  • IBO Speed 310fps
  • Weight ranges 5-70lbs. Please specify weight required
  • Draw length ranges 12"-30". Please specify draw length
  • Brace height 6.5"
  • Axle to Axle 32"
  • Mass weight 3.6lbs
  • Let-Off 75%
  • H18 Hybrid Cam system with DrawDial modules - rotating modules that adjust to each individual shooter without using a bow press. Incredibly smooth, zero nock travel and adjustable draw length
  • Limbs Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs for proven power to evenly distribute the load across the entire limb surface to optimise geometry for extremely efficient performance
  • Strings and cables - Bear Pre-Stretched Contra-Band HP BCY 452X strings and cables - eliminates string stretch and peep rotation
  • Available in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Available in Badlands Approach, RealTree Edge and Veil Alpine. Please specify colour
  • Bear Cruzer Compound Bow Ready To Hunt Set swatch


When you measure up this bow - feature for feature - to any similarly priced bow on the market, the Cruzer RTH package takes fit, function and performance above price to a new level. With a 6.5" brace height bow speed is maintained while still providing a high degree of forgiveness. It's every bit a Bear bow.

The Bear Cruzer Compound Bow comes fully loaded in a complete Ready To Hunt Bow Set which includes:

  • The Bear Cruzer Compound Bow with greater manoeuvrability on the hunting trail and a short axle-to-axle measurement and light mass weight.
  • Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Quick Shot arrow rest with brown fibres to cradle the arrow, providing complete arrow support so your arrow stays put even after knocking, shaking or dropping your bow. At the shot, they allow the arrow to pass through without fletching damage.
  • Trophy Ridge React H4 4 pin fibre optic sight, 4 light-gathering pins, rheostat light, sight level, contrast glow ring, can be adjusted for right or left hand use. Please note that a three pin sight is displayed pending uploading of the 4 pin sight
  • Trophy Ridge 5 Spot 5 arrow 1 piece bow quiver, holds either carbon or aluminium arrows. It features a lightweight durable moulded stem and a black hood. There is a second retainer bar and cut away hood to ease removal and installation of your arrows. Quiver holds arrows with fixed or mechanical broadheads inside a replaceable, sound dampening hood.
  • Trophy Ridge Stabiliser 6in draws vibration out of the bow and absorbs it like a sponge.
  • Bow Sling installed.
  • String Peep Sight with 5 mm diameter hole, fits horizontally in bowstring.
  • D Loop installed.

This is a value for money action package that sizzles and is ready to go. If you bought all of these accessories separately, you would be paying a whole lot more and the accessories would not be installed on the bow, ready to hunt.

In the finest Bear tradition, the Bear Cruzer RTH performs at a level way above its price point and is the bow package you have been searching for.


Buy the Bear Cruzer Ready to Hunt Bow Package now, the smart choice to kick start your bow hunting adventures.  With tremendous features and a value price, it is the high performance package that can get the job done.

The Bear Cruzer RTH is now available in a convenient ready to hunt package to get you field ready.


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