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Bear Super Kodiak Recurve Bow Bolivian Rosewood side

Bear Super Kodiak Recurve Bow Bolivian Rosewood


Hurry, These won't Last Long!

The Super Kodiak Recurve Bow Bolivian Rosewood by Bear Archery.

Nineteen sixty seven marked the end of an era and the beginning of a new one at Bear Archery. After 17 years of production, the Super Kodiak replaced the very popular Kodiak line of bows.

Specs at a glance : Bear Super Kodiak Recurve Bow Bolivian Rosewood

  • AMO Lengths 60 inch & 64 inch. Please specify length
  • Draw Weights available 35lb, 40lb, 45lb, 50lb, 55lb & 60lb in RH and 35lb, 40lb, 45lb, 50lb & 55lb in LH. Please specify draw weight
  • Available in Gloss or Satin finish. Please specify choice of finish
  • Available in right hand and left hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Riser of black phenolic with brown Bolivian rosewood accents
  • Limbs are exotic wood with overlays of black fibreglass
  • Bow features a brass bushing for the installation of a stabiliser
  • Leather grip
  • Crowned, cut-on centre arrow shelf
  • Large profile leather rest plate and a forgiving feather arrow rest
  • The bow comes complete with a Dynaflight 97 Flemish Twist string, a Bowstringer and easy to follow instructions on how to string the bow.

The excitement built around this bow was so great that a 1967 half catalogue was printed just to introduce this new bow. The same design and craftsmanship has stayed true over the past 45 years making this bow a legend, just like the man who once mastered it.

Fred used this model bow for many years on quests for African lion, cape buffalo, Alaskan polar bear and the British Columbia grizzly bear. To this day, the Super Kodiak is one of the smoothest, finest shooting bows available.

Hand crafted legendary performance. Often rated a top buyer's choice for quality and bowyer craftsmanship, the traditional line up from Bear Archery continues to satisfy those recurve enthusiasts looking for a time tested quality hunter. These are the same handcrafted bows that Fred Bear designed and tested all over the world. Exotic hardwoods have been used to create stunning bows that are both superior in the field and almost certainly to become tomorrow's collectibles.

This classically designed hunter is enhanced by its exotic wood construction.

The 2 piece riser is made of brown and black Hard Rock Maple featuring limbs overlaid with high strength black fibreglass. The tips are handcrafted and layered with fibreglass.

The solid wood riser flows into the wood core limbs and tips, reinforced by fibreglass overlays. If the exotic look belies the functionality of this recurve, then be reassured by the original Bear design. This bow is built to order.

The Super Kodiak Recurve Bow Bolivian Rosewood is also available in a complete bow package of:

  • Arrow rest
  • Bow quiver, side quiver, back quiver or hunting side quiver
  • Whisker string silencers or puff silencers
  • Martin Deerskin Leather Glove, Vista Deerskin Glove or ASAT Glove
  • ASAT Leafy or True Timber camo suits, headnets and camo paint
  • Bowhunters gear belt or Rangefinder case
  • Hunting or ventilated armguard
  • Easton Carbon or Aluminium hunting arrows with two, three or four blade broadheads to suit
  • String Nok Set
  • Bjorn 60cm Target Face
  • Bowstring Wax
  • Fred Bear Padded Recurve Soft Bow Case or Martin Recurve Bow Case
  • 3D Animal target, ShotBlocker block target or DeadStop bag target
  • Bow will be set up and ready for you to shoot.
  • Please specify which accessories you would like included in your package and we will be only too pleased to provide you with a quote. If you need further advice or assistance, please enquire or contact us during business hours.

This is what people had to say about Bear Super Kodiak Recurve.

Rating 5 out of 5 stars. "This bow is a great hunting bow. Its mid length makes it easy to move around in the woods without losing too much accuracy. It's really easy to shoot off the shelf making it an instinctive shooter's dream. Also its quiet once you get the brace height right and fairly fast to boot. Great bow and it carries Papa Bear's name. You just can't go wrong." From Deerslayer.

Rating 5 out of 5 stars. "I purchased this recurve to hunt whitetail deer with. I own a compound but I wanted to get back to the basics. Fred Bear is one of my heros and when I watched his videos and saw what he did with a basic "bow and arrow" I was amazed. I think it was well worth the money. It is a beautiful bow and just feels right in my hands. If you are looking for a thrill, buy this bow and experience what this bow will do for you. It is a great feeling to get away from the high tech equipment out there, not that it is bad, but just to know that with a little practice and a simple recurve you can take your trophy by pure instinct." From fenderbland of Pana, Illinois, USA

Rating 5 out of 5 stars. "A great, fast, full size recurve. All bows are a matter of personal fit, but the Super Kodiak really feels like an extension of my arm, with no modification other than a Sure Grip. And the draw is smooth as butter, no stacking at all." From Smithhammer from Idaho, USA

Rating 5 out of 5 stars. "This bow has met all of my expectations and more. I bought the 55# model and it is strong and accurate. I can't wait to hunt with it." From anonymous321654

Rating 5 out of 5 stars. "Bought this bow three years ago. It has held up great. A lot of hard hunting has been had in all sorts of weather conditions here in the Midwest. I picked the 55# model instead of the 50#er. I found I get a much crisper release with the 55. The history of the Super Kodiak drew me to this bow. I am very pleased with my choice." From tradshooter

Rating 5 out of 5 stars. "This was a lucky buy, as somebody had special ordered it and then backed out when it came in. It had been in the backroom waiting for a buyer for some time. The clerk told me he had a fancy Bear recurve in the back and as soon as I drew it, I knew I would buy it. Extremely smooth and pleasant to shoot. Added Beaver balls and it only got better. I highly recommend this bow. My compound has yet to come off the wall since I brought this home!" From Virginia, USA

Rating 5 out of 5 stars. "I purchased this in 60# to compliment my Bear Grizzly in 50#. WOW!!! This bow is very smooth and really slings arrows fast. Very close to my 70# reflex compound which I know is hard to believe. This is close to $270 more than the Grizzly and for me, well worth it. That being said it isn't fair to compare the two. I will be keeping my Grizzly for certain as it is a great bow for the price and I learned (still learning) how to shoot with it. The SK points beautifully and hits where I am looking. 1st day on the range I am shooting way better than expected. Happy hunter." From Bumppo of Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA


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