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Bearpaw Feather Fletching Tape

Bearpaw Feather Fletching Tape


Hurry, These won't Last Long!

Feather Fletching Tape by Bearpaw Archery.

Bearpaw Feather Fletching Tape is double-sided and is extremely simple to handle. Just strip away foil, affix on the feather and after stripping away the second foil, just press the feather on the shaft and the fletching is finished.

Bearpaw Feather Fletching Tape Features:

  • Easily applied
  • Creates a strong and reliable bond on contact
  • Will fletch over 42 arrows
  • Use to fletch feathers
  • Adheres to all types of shafts
  • High temperature resistant
  • An on contact feather fletching tape
  • Never glue again
  • A much quicker and efficient way of fletching than the usual adhesive
  • 1828cm or 60 feet or 720"
  • Made in Germany

A Bearpaw product that is a great alternative to glues and it leaves no mess.

Directions - Apply tape to feather quill. Trim with scissors, leave 3.17mm or 1/8" overhang on each end. Remove tape backing. Press feather firmly onto arrow shaft. Make sure base of the feather fully contacts shaft by running your fingernail along the quill to ensure contact over the full length of the feather.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to use. No fumes or drying time.

Maximise adhesion of feathers by cleaning your shafts with AAE Arrow Shaft Cleaner or Bohning SSR Arrow Shaft Surface Cleaner. You can also clean your shafts with soap and water. Scrub with an abrasive pad. Rinse with hot water. Let air dry.

This is what people have said about Bearpaw Feather Fletching Tape.

5 out of 5 stars. "I wish I'd found this years ago. It's great stuff. I always found the fletching process to be a real chore, with no great faith in the outcome (sometimes the feathers stayed on, sometimes not). This tape, by contrast, is easy, quick and the feathers stay where I put them. Love it. Great product." From Mike from UK

5 out of 5 stars. "This tape works great. Speeds up the fletching process massively and the feathers are bonded securely." From pottspost from UK

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