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Bohning Arrow Cresting Kit

Bohning Arrow Cresting Kit

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The Arrow Cresting Kit by Bohning Archery Equipment.

This Bohning Arrow Cresting kit for sale here has everything needed to hand crest your own arrows. Suitable for use on aluminium, carbon and wood shafts.

Cresting arrows is a tradition arrow builders have practised for centuries. As long as there have been Bows and Arrows, somebody, somewhere has personalised their arrow shafts with their individual pattern.

This pattern identified the owner and sometimes their lineage.

This rich tradition lives on today. Introducing the new, improved Bohning Crester with many improvements to ensure the Crester is the top of the line custom archery tool.

Now you can dip and crest your own arrows to create your own customised look. Save money and gain the satisfaction of becoming an arrow building craftsman!

This professional quality cresting jig features adjustable rollers, adjustable ruler (in imperial and metric), a set arrow stop, built-in cresting paint tray, five drilled holes for convenient brush storage, a tray on the front, 14 inch anodised back rail for easy adjustment, variable speed motor (220 to 440 rpm for standard 5-16" shafts) and a strong, durable hardwood base.

The Bohning Professional Cresting Kit is suitable for all archers, from beginners to experiment on the basics through to advanced archers to sharpen up their cresting skills and techniques

The Bohning Professional Cresting Kit used for: 

  • preparation of shafts
  • fletching arrows
  • preparing shafts for dipping
  • drying shafts
  • making a template
  • marking your design lines
  • checking your cresting paint has been correctly prepared
  • cresting your arrows
  • applying arrow wraps to your arrows
  • get started cresting with one easy to use kit
  • decorate your arrows the traditional way
  • includes everything necessary to start cresting including the Bohning Crester with a 220-440 rpm range for 5-16" shafts

The Bohning Professional Cresting Kit comprises of:

  • Variable speed 220 to 440 rpm crester powered by an electric motor for standard 5-16" shafts - find the perfect rotational speed every time
  • Versatile 14 inch or 35.5cm anodised back rail allows for easy tuning, adjustable working room and a variety of cresting configuration options
  • 6 x 1 ounce or 30ml jars of cresting lacquers of Acry-Lac paint in colours of black, blue, gold, red, silver, yellow in paint pots with screw top lids
  • 4 paint brushes, hairline, camel hair 1-8" or 3mm, 1-4" or 6mm, 1-2" or 12mm
  • 1oz or 30ml paint jar storage behind rail
  • Four Bohning Arrow Separators to place arrows during cresting
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable rollers
  • Easily adjusts from imperial to metric ruler
  • Set arrow stop
  • Built-in convenient recess to store your brushes when not in use
  • Solid hardwood base with cut out section to accommodate 6 paint pots
  • 5 stow holes for brushes when cresting
  • Flip-down upper pattern rest
  • Easy to follow fully illustrated diagrams on setting up kit
  • Information on cresting and how to use the Bohning Arrow Cresting Kit
  • Comes in a strong cardboard carton with flaps to lock carton down
  • Produces professional quality crests on your arrow shafts

Everything you need to know to start building your own customised arrows. Very popular and rewarding. Cresting gives you great satisfaction by allowing you to stamp your individuality on your arrows. Professionally Crested Shafts every time!

Dip and crest easily with a Bohning Professional Cresting Kit.

Information on cresting and how to use the Bohning Arrow Cresting Kit:

  • Cresting is the process of painting bands on a spinning shaft. These bands are an archer's signature on the arrow, a way of decoration and makes arrow recovery easier.
  • The Bohning cresting machine ensures your cresting is smooth and even, as the motor is high quality and revolutions can be adjusted and monitored. This creates a crest with no blank spots or blemishes on your shaft.
  • Make sure you design your pattern before you start cresting. Cresting of your arrows adds flair and enables you to identify and to separate your different arrows. It is arrow art!
  • Use a pencil to line up where you want your band and stripes to be. This technique is much neater, providing a better result than starting straight with paint.
  • There is a ruler attached to the cresting machine which allows you to make a check on each shaft before you place it in the rollers, to ensure that each arrow is crested exactly the same, time and time again. The ruler can be moved if needed, creating the ability to change any cresting pattern at any time, resulting in a unique arrow for you.
  • There are holes on the right hand side to keep cresting brushes upright and separated. The sable line round cresting brushes are made of high quality camel hair, the best on the market, perfect for any design needed, in 4 sizes of fine, 0.125", 0.25", 0.5".
  • There are 2 roller bars, one at either end to support the shaft for smooth rotation.
  • You do not need a lot of paint on the brush to start with. Bring the brush onto the shaft in a slow but deliberate manner and continue until a smooth even stripe appears.
  • It is important to apply one colour, let it dry and then apply the next colour so there is no smearing or running of colours.
  • Do the wide sections first, let them dry and then do the pin stripes.
  • With pin stripes, you need a really fine line either side of the main crest colour. The finer the stripe, the better!
  • Take your time while doing pin stripes, a steady hand and clean brush makes for crisp pin stripes.
  • You do not need to have the motor running at fast revolutions. Just observe how it is spinning and then you can judge how the paint is going onto the shaft.
  • Lightly touch the shaft and evenly broadcast paint in the area being crested in that colour.
  • In the final stage of cresting, slow the motor down to the lowest speed and inspect the cresting to see if there are any areas needing to be touched up.

The Bohning Cresting Kit takes all of the frustration out of cresting. This kit allows you to make unique and intricate patterns with little effort. Cresting is an art-form that goes back to the early days of archery. If you want to create something special and functional with your arrows, the Bohning Arrow Cresting Kit is the way to go!

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