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Bohning Blazer Bond 30ml or 1floz

Bohning Blazer Bond 30ml or 1floz


Hurry, These won't Last Long!

The Blazer Bond 30ml or 1floz by Bohning Archery Equipment.

The Bohning Blazer Bond Super Fletching Cement for sale here instantly bonds Nocks, Inserts, Vanes and Feathers. Super strong and super fast!

The Bohning Blazer Bond Features: 

  • Super strong & super fast 15 seconds cure time
  • Works on all shaft types
  • High temperature resistant instant adhesive
  • Use a very thin bead for best adhesion
  • Instantly bonds nocks, vanes, feathers & inserts
  • Adheres vanes & feathers in 15 seconds
  • A flexible agent makes Blazer Bond extremely high impact resistant
  • Super strong & super fast fletching cement
  • A great leap for instant adhesive technology
  • Comes in 30ml or one fluid ounce bottle. Also available in a 15ml or 0.5 fl oz bottle which is sold separately

Bohning has done it again!

Now use even less glue for maximum adhesion with the fastest cure time!

Introducing Bohning Blazer Bond, the newest instant glue for fletching vanes, feathers and nocks. Bohning found Blazer Bond works better overall than Quantum XT Instant Adhesive and holds better to all shaft types and therefore Quantum XT was discontinued and replaced by Blazer Bond Super Fletching Cement.

Excellent for use on carbon, aluminium, cedar, fibreglass and wrapped or painted shafts. You name it and Blazer Bond will tackle it!

No time to waste? Clamp time is a mere 15 seconds with full cure in only 2 hours. The complete formula begins to cure on contact with no need for accelerators.

A thin layer of this new cyanoacrylate adhesive will instantly create an exceptionally strong bond and medium viscosity makes it easy to use for any jig type without the hassle of drips and runs.

Adheres vanes & feathers in 15 seconds, inserts & nocks (rotate 1 turn) to carbon, fibreglass, aluminium & wood shafts and also crossbow certified.

Vane and Feather clamp time - 15 seconds. Torsional strength - 3750psi.

In Bohning's tests, they were able to fletch with ease on shafts contaminated with vegetable oil, silicone spray or even grease. Not cleaning your shaft and leaving contaminants on your shaft is not recommended. You must always prep your shafts properly prior to fletching for maximum adhesion and durability.

Fletching directions - Apply a thin bead to vane or feather base. Place fletching. Make sure base of vane or feather fully contacts shaft.

Insert directions - Apply to opposite sides of insert. Install insert and rotate one full turn.

Full instructions on back of pack.

Blazer Bond, "The Archer's Instant". Stronger than the competition!

Maximise adhesion of vanes and feathers by cleaning your shafts with Bohning SSR Arrow Shaft Surface Cleaner or AAE Arrow Shaft Cleaner. You can also clean your shafts with soap and water. Scrub with an abrasive pad. Rinse with hot water. Let air dry.

This is what people had to say about Bohning Blazer Bond.

Rating 5 out of 5 stars. "Best glue yet! Blazer Bond allows me to fletch up three arrows in less than a minute an arrow and they're ready to shoot as soon as they're out of the jig." From GV Doc Holiday.

Rating 5 out of 5 stars. "Sticks like the old proverbial! Tried fletching some aluminium arrows with super glue, not very successfully. However used the Bohning Blazer Bond glue and the results were excellent. Fast acting, easy to work with and really sticks well. No other glue for me now." From Raymond.

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