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Bohning SSR Arrow Shaft Surface Cleaner  0.47l or 1pnt

Bohning SSR Arrow Shaft Surface Cleaner 0.47l or 1pnt


Hurry, These won't Last Long!

The SSR Arrow Shaft Surface Cleaner  0.47l or 1pnt by Bohning Archery Equipment.

Bohning SSR Arrow Shaft Surface Cleaner for sale here is a concentrated cleaning powder to remove all dirt, grease, residue and contaminants from the surface of arrow shafts for maximum fletch adhesion, giving you the best surface so your fletches or feathers stay on.

This high strength cleaner is designed to clean as well as degrease and neutralise the arrow shaft surface to prepare anodised aluminium or carbon shafts for fletching or painting.

Comes in powder form in a mixing container. Just add hot tap water to the bottle and shake to activate the solution.

This solution works great for preparing arrows and shafts for fletching, cresting or installing inserts.

Soak shafts for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly under hot running tap water and allow to dry. Be sure to remove all SSR Arrow Shaft Surface Cleaner otherwise the paint and vanes or feathers will not adhere properly.

For use on carbon and aluminium shafts but not for use on wooden shafts.

Easy to use and easy to follow instructions on container.

Environmentally safe but effective. SSR contains no phosphates or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Also available in 0.95 litre or 1 quart container and 120 gm or 4 oz shaker bottle which are sold separately.

Container makes 0.47 litre or 1 pint. Please note the 0.47 litre or 1 pint mixing container on the right hand side is only for sale here.

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