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Bohning Tex-Tite Bowstring Wax 28g or 1oz

Bohning Tex-Tite Bowstring Wax 28g or 1oz


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The Tex-Tite Bowstring Wax 28g or 1oz by Bohning Archery.

Bohning Tex-Tite bow string wax for Bear, Hoyt, Martin, Elite, Mathews, Mission, PSE, BowTech, InterNature and Win & Win compounds, recurves and longbows. Prolongs life of bowstrings, helps prevent fraying and strings will not dry out.

Specs and Features at a glance : Bohning Tex-Tite Bowstring Wax 28g or 1oz

  • Lubricates bow string and cables
  • Lengthens string life
  • Protects critical string fibres
  • Greater penetration into string fibres
  • Strongly recommended as a maintenance wax on all synthetic fibre bow strings
  • Keeps moisture out of bow string
  • Provides a "tacky" coating and remains tacky enough to hold strands together
  • Will not become sticky under any weather conditions or when allowed to cool
  • Keeps bowstring from drying out
  • Comes in a convenient 7.5cm or 3" push out tube, 28.4gm or one ounce

An all natural based string wax which lubricates and lengthens string life and enhances string performance and helps prevent fraying.

Especially designed and recommended for synthetic fibre bowstrings and cables including 452X, 450 Plus, Ultra Cam, D75, 8125 and Dyneema. Tex-Tite resists penetration by water and keeps moisture out of the bow string and protects critical string fibres. It greatly reduces string friction and abrasion against cable slides, wheels and cams. Penetrates into string fibres without damaging the string.

Always be sure to include areas of the string that are served. This helps to keep the bowstring from moving inside the serving, minimising wear.

Will remain tacky enough to hold strands together and will not become sticky under any weather conditions.

Tex-Tite has the right degree of stickiness when warmed by rubbing on the string to hold fibres together, but not sticky when allowed to cool to room temperature and will not freeze or become brittle.

While Tex-Tite is a natural based bowstring wax, Seal-Tite is a silicone based wax, but both work great in keeping your bowstring from drying out. Tex-Tite provides a "tacky" coating and Seal-Tite provides a "sticky" coating.

  • To wax your string, firstly remove any contaminants such as dust, dirt and old wax from your bowstring. Clean off any dirt or grime build-up on your string with a clean, soft cloth. Waxing strings without first cleaning them will drive dirty wax deeper into the string, causing premature string wear and unwanted friction within the string.
  • Then apply the wax stick up and down on all areas of the bow string and cable and include areas of the string that are served which helps to keep the bowstring from moving inside the serving and minimises wear.
  • With your index finger and thumb, vigorously work the wax into the string and cable, going from one end to the other.
  • Remove any excess or residual wax with a cloth.

Synthetic bowstrings and cables eventually fray from constant contact with each other or brushing against branches, long grass or reeds and other abrasive surfaces. To minimise fraying, it is highly desirable to regularly lubricate the string and cables with a liberal coat of string wax. If you ever inadvertently cut or nick a string with a broadhead or see visible fraying, replace the string immediately.

Well known bowhunter and host of American Archer, Tom Nelson says "Besides lubricating your bowstring and enhancing your string's life span, Seal-Tite and Tex-Tite waxes can also help keep broadheads and field points from coming loose while shooting. I like to dab a bit of wax on the threads of my points then screw them into the arrow. This keeps them tight, secure and also keeps threads from seizing up in your insert."

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