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2016 Bowtech BTX 28 Inch Cam Compound Bow BlackOps

Bowtech BTX 28 Inch Cam Compound Bow

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The BTX 28 Inch Cam Compound Bow by Bowtech Archery.

The BowTech BTX 28 is the perfect combination of speed, balance and strength in an ultra-compact design. Great Bow for Target Shooters and Bow Hunters alike.

Specs at a glance : Bowtech BTX 28 Inch Cam Compound Bow

  • ATA Speed 333fps for 28 inch cam
  • Weight range 40-50lbs, 50-60lbs, 60-70lbs. Please specify weight required.
  • Draw length range 25.5"-28" for 28 inch cam in half inch increments. Please specify draw range.
  • Brace height 6" for 28 inch cam
  • Axle to Axle 31"
  • Mass weight 4.2lbs
  • Let-Off 80%
  • Overdrive Binary Cam
  • CPX Riser
  • Carbon Core Limbs
  • Carbon Rod String Stop
  • Kinetic Energy 86.2 ft-lbs for 28 inch cam
  • Octane Factory Strings and Cables
  • Revolver Riser Dampeners
  • Available in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Available in standard hunting colour options of Mossy Oak Break Up Country and BlackOps. Please specify colour required. Additional finish options include RealTree Xtra Green, Kryptek Highlander and Kryptek Typhon. All finishes have black limbs. Please enquire
  • Made in USA

Generating bone-crushing speed at 333 feet per second from its 28 inch cam.

The revolutionary skeletal riser on the BTX was specifically engineered to remove unwanted weight for optimal balance and reinforced stability.

The BT-X by BowTech features the all-new Micro Sync Dial, giving the shooter the ability to precisely time cam position without sacrificing wasted time in a bow press.

Microsync Dial. Precise simplified tuning. A revolutionary enhancement in PowerShift Technology. Featuring 10 micro dial adjustments allowing for fast and efficient cam synchronisation.

Unsurpassed accuracy, tunability and speed. The Overdrive Binary Cam achieves the highest levels of tuning and consistency by combining all the best possible attributes in a cam system of Symmetry, Synchronisation, and Stability. A 100% tunable system that maximizes cam stability while maintaining perfect synchronization for unmatched accuracy.

PowerShift. Uncompromising versatility, personalised draw. Technology made simple. BowTech's patent pending PowerShift Technology delivers versatility unmatched by any compound bow on the market today. A simple adjustment of the PowerShift disc allows the shooter to customise the draw cycle to adapt to their shooting style. Any Shooter. Every Season.

FLX-Guard. Terminates riser torque for extreme accuracy. The FLX-Guard cable containment system allows for flawless execution in terminating riser torque. The FLX-Guard responds by flexing inward, absorbing the cable guard torque that would have otherwise been transferred to the riser resulting in a substantial reduction in lateral nock travel, allowing for tenability, forgiveness and accuracy.

Centre Pivot Extreme. Deadly quiet, vibration free and unmatched balance. Centre Pivot Extreme redefines balance and stability on a torque and vibration free platform. The CPX riser refuses to be twisted and forces the string to be in perfect alignment. By pure design CPX risers create a steady and smooth draw resulting in the cleanest and most accurate shot possible. With CPX, accuracy is built in.

Carbon Core Limbs. Impact-resistant, intense efficiency. The use of Carbon Core limb technology maximises durability and significantly increases efficiencies over conventional limbs. The result is more energy and speed down range, for hard hitting knock down power.

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