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Diamond Edge SB 1 Compound Bow Ultimate Hunting Package

Diamond Edge SB 1 Compound Bow Ultimate Hunting Package

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Edge SB 1 Compound Bow Ultimate Hunting Package by Diamond Archery.

Diamond has taken the most adjustable and versatile bow on the market to a whole new level. Building off of their best-selling bow ever, the Infinite Edge, Diamond has pulled out all stops with the Edge SB 1.

Specs at a glance : Diamond Edge SB 1 Compound Bow Ultimate Hunting Package

  • IBO Speed 318fps
  • Weight ranges 7-70lbs
  • Draw length range 15"-30"
  • Brace Height 7"
  • Axle to Axle 31"
  • Mass weight 3.6lbs
  • Effective Let-Off 80%
  • Kinetic Energy 74.7 ft-lbs
  • Binary Cam
  • Rotating Module adjusts draw length without replacing the module
  • Smoother Draw
  • More let-off and solid back wall
  • Expanded draw length featuring the Infinite Draw setting
  • Extreme draw weight adjustability
  • Single Offset String Suppressor makes release even quieter and to counter the greatest amount of vibration
  • Tight High Precision Limb Pockets
  • Octane Factory Strings and Cables
  • Cable Slide
  • Cable Rod
  • Grip eliminates hand torque and delivers unmatched accuracy
  • Available in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Black Ops, Blue Blaze, Purple Blaze. All finishes have black limbs. Please specify colour choice
  • Made in USA

They extended the draw length to 30 inches, allowing a whole new category of longer-draw shooters to call the Edge SB 1 their own.

They didn't stop there. They also completely redesigned the cam system to create an incredibly smooth draw cycle and added a solid back wall to give this bow yet another edge over all of the competition.

To top it off, Diamond added a stabiliser for perfect balance, making the Edge SB 1 ready for anything.

The Infinite Edge Pro is, without a doubt, the superior choice for those seeking a high quality, versatile, feature packed bow.

Extreme Adjustability 7-70lbs. To start an archery experience off on the right foot, great equipment is half the battle. That is why Diamond's extremely adjustable bows are ready to meet you just where you're at. Durable and forgiving, these bows are designed to succeed every step of the way while staying as rock solid as the rest of the Diamond line.

Rotating Modules. Time is of the essence. You will never have to wait for replacement cams or modules ever again. Unlike most bows on the market today, Diamond bows do not require a new cam or module to set your draw length. Simply remove the module screws, rotate the module and re-tighten. At least six inches of draw length adjustment and an infinite edge draw stop feature is available on most Diamond bows, allowing for custom draw length tuning for yourself or others.

Octane Factory Strings. Hand made. Machine grade. It's a well known fact that strings and cables are critical in overall bow performance, so Octane, by BowTech, produce the most respected and reliable strings available. Octane strings are hand built to ensure that Diamond's high demand for quality is upheld. Over the last ten years, Octane has designed and built custom machines that are proprietary to the Octane string building process. The combination of hand quality and custom precision machinery allows for only one result, perfection. You might just be surprised just how much goes into building a single set of strings and cables.

The Diamond Edge SB 1 comes fully loaded in a complete ready-to-hunt bow package.

RAK Equipped System. Ready. Aim. Kill. At Diamond, attention to detail is a way of life, especially when it comes to outfitting Diamond's RAK equipped bows. Diamond does not just throw a bunch of random parts in a box and call it good, Diamond factory install and test the most accurate pre-set components in the industry so each RAK bow is Ready, Aim and Kill right out of the box.

Now take a deep breath and prepare to be amazed at what components come standard with Diamond RAK equipped bows.

The Diamond Edge SB 1 Ultimate Hunting Package comprises :

  • 3 Pin Sight Black installed
  • Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver Black installed
  • Octane Hostage XL Arrow Rest Black installed
  • Octane 5 inch Ultra-Lite Stabiliser Black
  • Comfort Wrist Sling
  • Carbon Peep Sight installed
  • BCY String Loop installed
  • Dura-FLX String dampening components installed
  • TRU Ball Bandit Release Aid available in velcro in 3 sizes, Junior, Large and Extra Large.
  • 6 Carbon Express Predator II Arrows available in 4 different shaft sizes and will be cut to your desired length from 24-30 Inches. Please specify, If you are unsure about what size you need please feel free to contact us and we can definitely give you some advice.
  • Vista Banjo Bow Case keep all of your gear together and protected with this great bow case in a camo finish.
  • Allen Torpedo Small Game Screw In Points great for hunting small game and will compliment your chosen arrows perfectly.

The Diamond Edge SB 1 bow package includes your accessories expertly installed and set up. This is a value for money action package that sizzles and is ready to hunt. If you bought all of these accessories separately, the accessories would not be installed on the bow, ready to shoot.

You can also add a release aid, scope, rangefinder, game camera, hard bow case, 3D Animal, Block or Bag target and arrows to suit, set up and ready to shoot.

We can also tailor a special bow package to suit your requirements for the Edge SB 1 or for any bow - please enquire and we can help you select the accessories that are right for you.

Diamond Edge SB 1. It's time to get out and shoot….This is Your Bow.


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