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Easton Axis HIT Inserts Components and Epoxy 15 pc

Easton Axis HIT Inserts Components and Epoxy 15 pc


Hurry, These won't Last Long!

Axis HIT Inserts Components and Epoxy 15 pc by Easton Archery

This new standard of tolerance is called Hidden Insert Technology or HIT for short.

HIT was originally designed to fit the next generation, small diameter Easton Slim Technology (or ST for short) arrows that are built for more penetration and better durability.

Due to the new small circumference design, standard lipped inserts would no longer be compatible. HIT was engineered to fit up inside the arrow shaft, hidden from view.

HIT gives automatic broadhead alignment because the broadhead shank aligns directly against the shaft wall for easy, no fuss broadhead set up. Perfectly aligned broadheads mean more accuracy and tighter broadhead groups.

HIT and ST combine to form the next great advancement in hunting arrows and more accuracy, durability & penetration than standard carbon arrows.

HIT inserts will only install into Axis shaft models - ST Axis Full Metal Jacket, ST Axis, ST Axis Realtree APG, ST Axis Mossy Oak Obsession, ST Axis Junior, A/C Super Slim and Beman MFX Team Realtree and Classic MFX shafts. The HIT insert comes factory direct with all of these shafts, ready to install.

Easton Axis HIT Inserts Components and Epoxy 15 pc Product Features:

  • Delivers more accuracy than any other broadhead insert
  • Provides full contact between broadhead shank and shaft wall for added strength and tighter groups
  • Uses ultra-small diameter arrow shafts to deliver more kinetic energy and penetration power
  • Features easy, precise installation
  • Patent-pending insert system

The Easton Axis HIT Inserts Components and Epoxy 15 piece kit includes:

  • HIT Insert, 16 grains, pack of 12. One size HIT insert fits all sizes of ST Axis shafts.
  • Installation Tool (seats the insert at the correct depth and wipes the ID clean of excess adhesive for simple, accurate assembly)
  • Chamfer Stone (ensures a flat shaft base and properly sized chamfer for optimal fit with broadheads and field points)
  • Epoxy Sachet (recommended for HIT Inserts to ensure the best possible performance as other adhesives will degrade the performance of this superior component system. There is enough epoxy to install one dozen HIT inserts)

Easy to follow illustrative installation instructions are on the reverse of the HIT component bag.

Once you start using ST arrows you will enjoy the benefits of these more durable and better performing shafts.

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