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Hoyt Fireshot Target Compound Bow Side View Blue

Hoyt Fireshot Target Compound Bow

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Fireshot Target Compound Bow by Hoyt Archery.

The Hoyt Fireshot Taget Compound Bow for sale here allows young shooters to develop their skills with a bow that fits with 10 inches of custom draw length adjustability, a wide weight range, a great price, loaded with features, rough-and-tumble and ready for action, a real performance driven youth bow

Specs at a glance : Hoyt Fireshot Target Compound Bow

  • IBO Speed 281fps
  • Weight range 14-41lbs, 19-51lbs. Please specify weight required
  • Draw range 18"-28" in 1" increments
  • Axle to Axle 29"
  • Brace height 6.625"
  • Mass weight 3.0lbs
  • TEC Lite riser design survives Hoyt's 1,500 dry-fire test and features the vibration-stifling bridged grip design
  • YZ 50 Limb System
  • VersaFlex Cam
  • Made in USA
  • Available in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Available in BlackOut riser with six different Shred limb colours with matching colour FUSE custom strings and cables to choose from of Blue Thunder, Green Envy, Orange Lava, Purple Mist, Red Ember & Yellow Hornet. Please specify colour required
  • Hoyt Fireshot Target Compound Bow swatch

The all new Fireshot, engineered and built in the USA, is every young archer's dream.

Offered at a great price and packed with Hoyt technologies designed to maximise bow performance and shootability, the Fireshot will help young archers and bowhunters to develop their skills with a bow that fits to maximise their shooting potential.

Traditional risers have only one path for vibration to travel, directly to the grip, producing inconsistent, inaccurate and uncomfortable shots. TEC risers are specifically designed to channel vibration through the truss of the TEC riser design and away from the grip and hand, resulting in ultimate accuracy and consistency shot after shot. Every model of bow riser Hoyt design is required to survive 1,500 dry fires without failure before ever being considered for the Hoyt product line. This is NOT an industry standard. This is the Hoyt standard. Outsiders tell Hoyt their testing standards are overkill, they obviously don't know the type of durability and dependability serious bowhunters expect and need.

The bow will fit any young archer.

The Fireshot features the fast, smooth and the all new versatile VersaFlex Cam & Half Performance System for maximised performance and accuracy.

It also features a full 10 inches of custom draw length adjustability, from 18 to 28 inches in one inch increments and packages that max out at 41 or 51 pounds, draw ranges of either 14 to 41 pounds or 19 to 51 pounds of draw weight adjustment allowing the bow to grow as they grow.

The brace height is very forgiving on the Fireshot, measuring at nearly 7 inches.

At just 3 pounds and 29 inches axle-to-axle, it is small enough for young archers, while still shooting 281 fps.

Loaded with Hoyt features and craftsmanship, the Fireshot is rough-and-tumble and ready for action.

Help your young archer's passion for shooting catch fire from their first shot with the all-new Fireshot, designed to grow right along with them.

Fireshot - The youth bow for your youngster. Fireshot, Every young archer's dream.

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