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Hoyt Formula Carbon X-Tour Recurve Limbs

Hoyt Formula Carbon X-Tour Recurve Limbs

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Formula Carbon X-Tour Recurve Limbs by Hoyt Archery.

The Hoyt Formula Carbon X-Tour Recurve Limbs for sale here are available with either bamboo or foam core technology for 2017. Stay at the cutting edge of your game with cutting edge Technology.

Specs at a glance : Hoyt Formula Carbon X-Tour Recurve Limbs

  • Available in lengths of Long 70", Medium 68", Short 66". Please specify length
  • Draw Weight range 22lbs to 50lbs, in 2lbs increments. Please specify weight choice
  • Available in Bamboo and Foam. Please specify choice
  • Hoyt Formula recurve limbs suit Hoyt Formula Risers but do not suit Hoyt Grand Prix Risers. Hoyt Formula recurve limbs do not suit any risers with universal or international limb fitment (ILF)
  • Limbs come in a strong cardboard box and are protected in limb socks with plush lined insides and Velcro flap to secure limbs

The Carbon X-Tour series limbs were engineered with nothing but performance in mind. Made of high performance, triaxial all-carbon elements and a meticulous lay up creates ultimate stability and high end efficiency. Long story short, the Carbon X-Tour is much faster, yet remains extremely smooth throughout the whole draw cycle. Especially upon reaching the clicker, the feel at full draw is unlike any other limb.

The pinnacle of Formula Series limbs, the Carbon X-Tour offers the most torsional stiffness of any Formula limb, providing superior accuracy and forgiveness, shot after shot. If the success of the Quattro is anything to go by, in its first year, Quattro Limb found itself on the winner's podium at nearly every major 2014 championship. The Carbon X-Tour will no doubt do the same, revolutionising the limb industry.

It's no coincidence that the best shooters in the world, who could have any archery product in their hands at a moment's notice, choose to shoot Hoyt. 40 per cent more torsional stability than any limb on the market, the Carbon X-Tour offers better dynamic limb straightness and string tracking, ultimately leading to a faster, more accurate limb with decreased vibration.

Shoot this once and then again and again and again. A feeling you won't want to let go. Along with the increased stability comes increased speed - and a lot of it. A feel like no other and responsiveness that is instantly obvious on the first shot. Hoyt's original takedown system - perfected.

Modern classics with a jump start in performance, Hoyt's Formula system provides durability and dead-on alignment each and every time. For 30 plus years, Hoyt's brilliant alignment dovetail systems have been accepted and copied all over the world.

No one does it like Hoyt. Hoyt's new addition to the recurve limb game is the bamboo core variant for the Carbon X-Tour. Bamboo provides an extremely versatile set of properties offering a great mix of durability, forgiveness and speed. A must try for any avid wood core user after premium performance. The bamboo provides unprecedented speed in a wood core limb, also traditionally wood core limbs were seen as more affected by the temperature and humidity, however Hoyt's continual improvement of the core construction has virtually eliminated any such issue with these variants, leaving only feel as the deciding factor for the core of your limbs.

A wood core limb is often preferred by archers who are looking for a classic, more stable hold and a slower heavier shot feel, whereas foam core limbs are usually faster than a wood core limb, mostly due to having a lighter mass weight. Foam produces a more snappy feel at the shot, however the choice of foam or wood is a personal preference for the feel of the shot with neither gaining any considerable advantage over the other in performance.

Why Shoot the Hoyt Formula Carbon X-Tour Recurve Limbs

  • Formula Carbon X-Tour Limbs fit all Formula Series risers
  • Increased stiffness, stability and speed
  • The ultimate in recurve limb technology
  • Better dynamic limb straightness
  • Engineered with high performance triaxial all carbon power elements
  • Innovative triaxial carbon technology and a strategic optimised layup for increased torsional stability.
  • Enhanced draw force curve for a smooth and sweet draw resulting in ultra fine clicker control
  • Ultra-fast damping and decreased vibration at the point of shot execution
  • An unstoppable combination with the Formula Faktor Riser

Get Serious. Get Hoyt.

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