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Hoyt Grand Prix Carbon ACE Recurve Limbs

Hoyt Grand Prix Carbon ACE Recurve Limbs


Hurry, These won't Last Long!

Grand Prix Carbon ACE Recurve Limbs by Hoyt Archery.

The Hoyt Grand Prix Carbon ACE Limb for sale here is available in Formula and Grand Prix configurations. Never has Hoyt released such a technologically advanced high end target recurve limb.

Specs at a glance : Hoyt Grand Prix Carbon ACE Recurve Limbs

  • Available in lengths of Long 70", Medium 68", Short 66". Please specify length
  • Comes in a draw weight range from 22lbs to 50lbs, in 2lbs increments. Please specify weight choice
  • Fits all Hoyt Grand Prix Risers but not Hoyt Formula Risers
  • Fits all Win & Win Risers
  • Fits all Sebastien Flute or SF Risers
  • Fits any other risers with universal or international limb fitment (ILF)
  • Limbs come in a strong cardboard box and are protected in limb socks with plush lined insides and Velcro flap to secure limbs

Hoyt's original takedown system - perfected.

Modern classics with a jumpstart in performance, Hoyt's Grand Prix system provides durability and dead-on alignment each and every time.

For 30 plus years, Hoyt's brilliant Grand Prix alignment dovetail systems have been accepted and copied all over the world. No one does it like Hoyt.

Never before has Hoyt introduced a high end limb at this kind of price.

The all new Grand Prix Carbon ACE, handcrafted in the USA, is loaded with high performance design and materials such as Hoyt's exclusive syntactic foam and triaxial carbon cores for ultimate, competition grade performance at a price you won't believe.

Fast, smooth and accurate, Carbon ACE will blow your mind without blowing your budget.

If you are looking for a top level limb for your Grand Prix setup without breaking the bank, the Carbon ACE is your ticket.

Get Serious. Get Hoyt.

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