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Martin Bobcat Compound Bow Ready To Shoot Set Side View Black

Martin Bobcat Compound Bow Ready To Shoot Set


Hurry, These won't Last Long!

Bobcat Compound Bow Ready To Shoot Set by Martin Archery.

The Martin Bobcat Ready to Shoot Bow Set for sale here is a good start in archery. Juniors will fall in love with the Bobcat, the family will grow together in this great sport, Mum & Dad will love the Bobcat's low price.

Specs at a glance : Martin Bobcat Compound Bow Ready To Shoot Set

  • Draw weight 20lbs to 35lbs
  • Draw length 22 to 26"
  • Aluminium riser
  • Limbs ultra strong composite solid straight
  • Axle to Axle 30.5"
  • Brace Height 7"
  • Mass weight 1.6lbs
  • Integrated moulded grip
  • Available in Right Hand only
  • Colour - black riser and green limbs
  • Comes in an attractive clamshell presentation carrier
  • Suggested Age Range 8 years & up. Ages may vary for each bow in accordance with a child's size and shooting ability. This product is not a toy. Children under 16 require adult supervision


The Martin Bobcat compound bow deluxe kit is a junior compound bow set, perfect for the young archer to introduce youngsters to archery and comes loaded with all the accessories your young archer requires.

An exciting new way to introduce your kids to the great sport of archery.

The Bobcat features ultra strong limbs and an aluminium riser with sight mounting holes. It features a fully adjustable, tri-adjustable cam system which gives a broad draw length range, ensuring the bow grows with your budding archer.

The Bobcat is ideal as a starter compound bow and will not break the bank, yet is reliable and durable.

By designing equipment to specifically fit the needs of youth and intermediate shooters, Martin Archery makes certain that young shooters have the best chance to develop their skills in the archery traditions.

The Bobcat bow package comes with everything your young archer needs.

The kit includes an arrow capturing flipper arrow rest, an adjustable one pin sight, two fibreglass arrows, a stylish black side quiver with belt clip and an adjustable black armguard.

The Bobcat comes in a black riser or handle and green limbs.

An unbelievably priced youth bow, Bobcat promises to create great family memories and help your young ones develop into skilled archers.

Martin Bobcat Compound Bow kit includes:

  • Arrow capturing flipper arrow rest (to hold your arrow while you are drawing back your bowstring)
  • One pin composite sight (to take aim at your target)
  • 17" long black colour side quiver (to carry your arrows and holds up to 3-4 arrows and has a belt clip)
  • 2 fibreglass arrows (to get your budding archer up and running. Most new archers (or their Mums and Dads) wisely purchase an extra dozen or half dozen arrows)
  • Lightweight, yet functional black arm guard (to protect the inside of your forearm from string slap)

The Bobcat youth compound bow set includes everything needed to introduce a young person to the sport of archery.

Depending on your budget, you can also purchase a 3D animal practice target, a ShotBlocker block target, a DeadStop bag target or a round or square target butt.

Enjoy the thrill of archery and hitting the target. In no time at all, you will be hitting the bull's eye! Martin Bobcat - A small bow with great features for the budding young archer who wants their own bow. Buy a Martin Bobcat compound bow deluxe kit and see what it can do for you.

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