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Stanislawski Stan SX3 Heavy Metal Bow Release Aid 3 Finger

Stanislawski Stan SX3 Heavy Metal Bow Release Aid


Hurry, These won't Last Long!

The STAN SX3 by Stanislawski Archery Products.

The STAN SX3 Heavy Metal by Stanislawski Archery Products is a thumb trigger target release featuring the silkpath sear and comes in both Medium and Large sizes as well as Three Finger and Four Finger configurations.

Specs and Features at a glance : Stanislawski Stan SX3 Bow Release Aid

  • Designed to be used with a D-Loop. Internal mechanisms are lightning fast.

  • Colour - comes in a hot orange bright dip finish.

  • Comes in Medium and Large sizes. Please specify size.

  • Available in Three (Trio) Finger and Four (Quattro) Finger models. Please specify model.

  • Also available in a standard model which is sold separately.

  • Full instructions included

  • Made in the USA

STAN SX3 Heavy Metal thumb trigger target release with silkpath sear, for improved feel and follow through, smooth triggerless action, multi-positional thumb trigger, Trainer Lock for practicing shot execution, allows more fingers to pull & offers more leverage, infinite adjustability & huge trigger travel & tension adjustability & crisp like only a STAN can be.

Black nickel plated brass with a heavy metal body for improved feel and follow through.

The SX3 follows the tradition of it's predecessor, SX2 but incorporates Trainer Lock technology for practicing shot execution without firing an arrow.

The gentle handle sweep design allows more fingers to pull the weight and offers slightly more leverage than the shootoff! model.

Smooth triggerless action. Like the name implies, silkpath sears are as smooth as silk and crisp like only a STAN can be, yet are enhanced and hardened with 440C stainless steel construction to make them brutally tough.

ErgoFit Cross Training technology allows the user to cross train. All STAN releases have a similar fit and feel.

The trademark STAN comfort is sure to hold your attention, the SX3 has it all.

The STAN SX3 has a multi-positional thumb trigger, adjustable for projection, tilt and angle and is finished with a proprietary polishing process and set in place by experienced craftsmen to ensure years of reliable service.

The hallmark of a silkpath sear is its infinite adjustability and features a huge trigger travel and tension adjustability without the need to fumble with changing any springs.

I have been a big believer in the Stan releases dating back into the 1980's when I taught my children to shoot a bow. As time has progressed, so have the different models of the release. There is a model with a hand grip and angle to fit the needs of nearly every archer. Each goes off consistently and smoothly with back tension. I have taught hundreds of people to shoot with one of the Stans in their hands. Terry Wunderle, Professional Archery Coach

So much is riding on your equipment. You spend countless hours training for that big win and there's nothing worse than having it snatched away by equipment failure. That's why I shoot a STAN. It never fails, never changes, and always stays crisp. Sharon Carpenter, professional archer

This is what people have said about STAN SX3 Heavy Metal Release.

5 out of 5 stars. "I believe I have shot them all. However this one fits my hand like a glove. The additional weight helps to stabilize your shot for tighter groups. Thinking of purchasing a second one for a back up. The best release I've ever shot. Would highly recommend this release to everyone." From Eric Grant from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "As good as it gets. I shot many trigger releases and as far as trigger release goes, nothing so far has compared to this release. If you want the best possible release, don't waste time or money playing around with others out there. Nothing compares to the Stan in crispness and accuracy. I also shoot between Medium and Large and find the Large on Stan to be just right size. The way Stan release is built, many people I shoot with including myself tend to go size higher. It seems to give more room and just feels more comfortable over time. The trainer lock is also very nice. I use it a lot to practice without an arrow just pulling my bow back and seeing where the proper release points are with the bow at the poundage I would be shooting at. Allows me to practice my endurance and aiming. Awesome release. Enjoy." From JSong from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Button Release. I've been using the Incredible by TruBall for a couple years and love it. I wanted to check out some other button releases that I could use like a hinge or Backtension so I ordered the Abyss Large and then the Heavy Metal by Stan because they are made out of brass. I currently use the Stan HM because of the following: Trigger tuning; button can move any way and has an option to get a very large thumb trigger where as TruBall only has the quarter inch. Also, you can get sears and tension crisper and lighter than any release out there. Weight. love having more weight because it feels better than something light. Pulling. The release feels great when pulling back and at anchor point, you can pull hard and or just chill making this release the most comfortable and confident for me. Plus the training pin option works great." From Rob from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Where have you been all my life? I never thought I'd pay that much for a release. I have always wanted to switch over to this style release but just didn't want to fork over the cash for it. I should have done this a long time ago. I love everything about this release. STAN has the best feeling, smoothest operating release that I have picked up yet. I was complaining about the cost of this release. Since I have gotten it and been shooting it the last couple weeks, I can tell you for certain that I would not sell it back to you for the same price I paid for it. That alone tells you that I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks also to for always carrying such awesome products! You all are a joy to deal with." From Longhairedcountryboy from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Almost Perfect. Been shooting Jet Black and HT for about 2 years. This is my first button release. I'm in awe of how much my x-count increased. Extremely accurate release by comparison. In my opinion STAN nailed it with the nickel plated copper. The release feels really nice in the hand and seems to aim just a touch better. The black nickel plating provides a unique smoked glass/titanium look (couldn't think of a better way to describe the look). It would be awesome if STAN would develop a hinge with the same handle as the SX3 (and remove the sharp corner of the MOREX sear so it won't cut the cheeks on those of us that have chubby cheeks)." From Eric Grant from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Great Release. I agree the price is steep but as with most things, you get what you pay for. I've been using this release for indoor league and I cringe at the thought of using a wrist trigger again. For any rifle shooters that know, the difference is like shooting a factory trigger next to a Jewell. It can be set as heavy or as light as you prefer - when set light it's reliable and there's no creep or over travel. If you do get it, it would be a good idea to take the trainer lock out and keep it somewhere safe otherwise there's a good chance it'll unscrew itself and you'll end up losing it like I did." From BWar from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Great Release. I shot the Stan SX3 for a year and loved it always thought it was a touch light for me but hard to find a release that's more crisp than a Stan. This release came out and I had to try it just felt like the weight along with the Stan quality would be a dream and I wasn't wrong. I absolutely love it. A touch high in price but I'm sure like anything else it will come down in a couple months." From Jdgardner from USA

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