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TightSpot 5 Arrow 1 Piece Bow Quiver black crimson

TightSpot 5 Arrow 1 Piece Bow Quiver


Hurry, These won't Last Long!

The 5 Arrow 1 Piece Bow Quiver by TightSpot  Archery.

The TightSpot Quiver is the first bow quiver designed to help archers shoot better while keeping their bow quiver attached to their bow and is over 10% lighter than last year's model.

Specs and Features at a glance : TightSpot 5 Arrow 1 Piece Bow Quiver

  • Fits tight to the bow to minimise torque
  • Overall Length 50.2 cm or 19.75"
  • Distance from hood to gripper 45.7 cm or 18" - the longest one-piece quiver
  • In the space between the hood ceiling and the insert is dampening material that is specially formulated for acoustic sound deadening applications. This makes the quiver quieter than ever before.
  • New foam-free hood insert. In other quivers, rear deploying expandables tend to open when you bury them in the foam. With this hood insert in a TightSpot, only the tip of the broadhead is in contact with the quiver. No more dull blades from foam contact or accidentally opened expandables. Since broadheads can't cut it, this insert easily outlasts foam inserts 10 to 1.
  • Super-premium wrapped carbon rods and machined aircraft grade aluminium
  • Gripper ArrowWedge with independent arrow adjustment
  • Quick draw arrow deployment puts your number one arrow facing you, in the ready position, where it requires less movement to remove
  • Attach or remove quiver in a split second!
  • Fully adjustable and fits most, if not all hunting bows
  • Better bow balance
  • Dramatically reduced torque
  • Kills vibration 4 ways
  • 20 times more arrow gripping power
  • Iron Clad Guarantee. If you are the original owner and your TightSpot Quiver breaks, no matter how, your quiver will be repaired or replaced at no cost
  • Extra mounting bracket, movable sight conversion bracket and replacement rubber hood insert are available as optional accessories. Please enquire
  • Capacity five aluminium, carbon or small-diameter carbon arrows. Also comes in 7 arrow and 3 arrow configurations which are not stocked items, but can be special ordered. Please enquire
  • Available in right hand and left hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Stocked in 11 great finishes - Matte Black (top left), Lost Camo XD (top right), RealTree Xtra Brown (middle left), RealTree Max-1 (middle right), Mossy Oak Break Up Country (bottom Left), Carbon Weave (bottom right). Also available in Black Crimson (with Crimson Hardware), KUIU Verde, KUIU Vias, Optifade Elevated II and Optifade Elevated Country which are not illustrated. Please specify colour choice. Comes in Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Altitude, Kryptek Raid, which are not stocked colours, but can be special ordered. Please enquire.
  • Weight 280.7 grams or 9.9 ounces - over 10% lighter than last year's model
  • Made in USA


With a TightSpot Quiver fitted, it minimises torque and improves accuracy, is fully adjustable & fits most bows. It's more than just the bow quiver that fits tight to your bow.

The TightSpot Quiver fits tight to your bow, minimising torque and improving accuracy. It's the first bow quiver to complement, not compromise, the performance of your hunting bow.

TightSpot Quiver is fully adjustable and fits most, if not all, hunting bows. It's more than just the bow quiver that fits tight to your bow. Never before has so much innovation been put into a bow quiver.

TightSpot is the world's first low-torque quiver. The TightSpot quiver fits tight to your bow to minimise torque and is exceptionally lightweight, which means virtually no torque. Why do so many bowhunters remove their quivers when hunting? Because they shoot better without their quivers. They are willing to give up having their arrows handy and a second shot to ensure accurate shooting. The problem is the design of most quivers. The further a quiver is from the bow, the more torque it creates. Torque affects accuracy, throws your bow's balance off and makes tuning more difficult, especially with broadheads. TightSpot's dovetail design eliminates this problem. A lighter quiver exerts less torque. Proximity to the bow is only half the equation. The heavier the quiver, the more torque it exerts. TightSpot quivers win here too. They are exceptionally lightweight thanks to vibration absorbing wrapped carbon rods and a frame machined from aircraft grade aluminium.

Vibration means noise and noise can mean a big buck jumping the string. TightSpot kills vibration and kills noise!

Here are the top 10 reasons to get a TightSpot

  1. Virtually unbreakable ultra-tough hood! How tough is the hood on a TightSpot Quiver? Tough enough that you can literally drive a car over the hood and it will not break! Made of a new space-age polymer. The low profile hood also offers less wind resistance when shooting on windy days. The insert in the TightSpot quiver features a lip that covers the edge of the hood which silences any accidental contact between the broadhead and the hard polymer quiver hood.
  2. Extra deep hood keeps broadheads covered. TightSpot hood is extra deep so razor sharp blades are not exposed. This is safer and keeps the blades sharp as well. The result is broadheads that are ready to shoot and not exposed.
  3. 18" hood-to-gripper "wheelbase". Quivers with a short "wheelbase" leave a lot of arrow unattached where it is free to vibrate and make noise, alerting game to where they might "jump the string". On a TightSpot Quiver, the distance between the hood and the grippers is 18", the longest distance of any one-piece bow quiver! The result is less arrow and bow quiver vibration and less unwanted noise!
  4. Bumper strip on crossbar kills arrow vibration. The TightSpot Quiver is designed so your arrows rest against this bumper strip on the side of the bow quiver crossbar. This serves to dampen smaller vibrations for an even quieter bow!
  5. One-handed quiver removal and adjustment. A simple lift of the QuickLock cam disengages the TightSpot Quiver from the dovetail base it rides along, allowing you to quickly and quietly remove the quiver or adjust its position with just one hand! No need to grab the hood and risk a sliced finger like on other quivers. Slide TightSpot in close to your bow and it will balance like no other quiver! Pushed back down, the QuickLock cam securely locks the quiver into place.
  6. Super-premium wrapped carbon rods offer unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio and absorb vibration. One reason a TightSpot Quiver is so lightweight is that much of its structure consists of two carbon rods. Unlike an arrow shaft, which is made of carbon that has a high fibreglass content, these bow quiver carbon rods are constructed of wrapped carbon cloth which has a very high carbon content and is considerably more expensive. However, you get what you pay for. In this case, an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, excellent stability and maximum vibration absorption. In fact, these rods work so well that your bow itself will vibrate less with a TightSpot Quiver attached than with no bow quiver at all!
  7. Bulldog gripper system allows for individual arrow tightening. Over time, or in cold weather, bow quiver arrow grippers tend to loosen. The exclusive Bulldog gripper system on a TightSpot Quiver is different in that you can adjust the bow quiver arrow grip for each individual arrow. By simply moving the ArrowWedges in or out, you get a custom bow quiver arrow grip in each individual arrow slot. No more arrows making noise, vibrating loose or falling out of your bow quiver! TightSpot gives you 20 times the arrow gripping power of other quivers. Never lose an expensive arrow while getting to your treestand again! A larger wedge in the Quick Draw slot adjusts for even smaller diameter arrows. Tighten each ArrowWedge to adjust the grip pressure in each individual arrow slot. Adjusts to hold small diameter shafts like Victory VAP and Easton Injexion. Outer slot is designed to hold aluminium arrows. Inner slot holds carbon arrows. It takes over 10 lbs of downward pressure before your arrow budges from a TightSpot.
  8. TightSpot, the quiver that acts as a bow stabiliser! Adjust the TightSpot Quiver up and down, forward and back or in and out. This unrivalled adjustability allows you to fine tune the balance of your bow. In fact, the TightSpot Quiver, when used to balance your bow, acts as a bow stabiliser, reducing overall bow vibration. This allows you to reduce the size and weight of your stabiliser or remove it altogether! The up or down movement not only allows you to adjust bow balance, but it also lets you adjust the quiver high enough so the nocks on your arrows don't dig into the dirt.
  9. New QuadFit 4-way spacer lets you slide the TightSpot Quiver up against cable guard for another point of contact. Rotate the QuadFit 4-way spacer, which has a different offset on every side, so the TightSpot Quiver nestles as tight to your bow as possible. This gives you another point of contact, adds vibration damping and gives you a reference point so you can put the quiver in the same place every time.
  10. TightSpot's TailFan design positions arrows so fletchings won't vibrate together or make noise. A bow quiver should be silent. The fletching end on the TightSpot Quiver fans the arrows so they won't touch or vibrate together, making noise.

How quiver torque can affect accuracy. If a quiver does not affect shooting accuracy, then why do so many bowhunters detach their quivers? Many bowhunters prefer detachable bow quivers because they like to remove the bow quiver from their bow while in a stand or out in the field. The reason they like to remove the bow quiver is because they shoot better without the bow quiver on their bow. They are willing to compromise having their arrows handy to ensure shooting accuracy.

TightSpot Quivers fit tight to the bow to minimise torque! The problem is the design of other bow quivers. The further the bow quiver is away from the bow, the more the bow quiver will influence shooting by causing torque. Torque decreases accuracy and makes tuning more difficult, especially with broadheads. The solution is a bow quiver that hangs tight to the bow. This is the premise of the new TightSpot Quiver with HangTight Technology!

The TightSpot Quiver is also incredibly lightweight! Proximity to the bow is only half the equation. The other half is bow quiver weight. The heavier the bow quiver, the more torque it exerts. TightSpot Quivers excel here, too! A TightSpot Quiver is a super lightweight bow quiver thanks to the wrapped carbon rods and machined aluminium that make up the skeleton of the bow quiver.

Combine "hanging tight" with "weighing light" and you have the world's first "no torque" bow quiver!

Quick draw arrow deployment system puts your number one arrow facing you, in the ready position, where it requires less movement to remove. We've all been there, where we need to quickly remove an arrow from the bow quiver in order to get a shot. The TightSpot Quiver is unique in that the bow quiver arrow gripper nearest you faces back at you instead of off to the side like the other bow quiver arrow grippers. This subtle difference means less conspicuous lateral movement and can make the difference between a fleeing animal and getting the shot off!

A Tight Spot quiver's "RightSpot" adjustability system gives you the ability to fine tune the balance of your bow, a concept that will radically change the way we look at quivers!

TightSpot is truly the first quiver to complement, not compromise, the performance of your bow! TightSpot - the quiver that fits tight to your bow.

This is what people have said about the TightSpot Quiver.

"I have never been a fan of bow mounted quivers. I tried this quiver and found it to be everything it's advertised to be. Quality construction and outstanding design. The unique mounting bracket allows complete adjustment of the weight to help balance the bow. I also like the fact that I can carry fat wood arrows and skinny carbons with a simple adjustment. The cover provides better protection for my broadheads that any other bow mounted quiver. When you see the quiver, you will see why it costs more. You get what you pay for! Awesome bow quiver. 5 out of 5 star rating." From Ugly arrow of Ilinois, USA

"Awesome product, works as stated. Has to be best bow quiver on the market. 5 out of 5 star rating." From jwma of Nashua, Newhampshire, USA

"The only thing I wish were different is the space between my riser grip and the quiver. It is a tight fit. The quiver has an adjustable locking slide that allows me to pull it out about an inch towards the string. Without the locking slide, my hand would not fit my grip. I have a 19" riser for my recurve. I have a medium grip handle and med size hand, 8.5" from thumb across to pinky. Great solid quiver! 5 out of 5 star rating." From Helixyaker of Carbondale, Colorado, USA

"Quick release works better than my other quiver on my compound. Foam core is excellent. Simple and adjustable. Great product. 5 out of 5 star rating." From Black Juju of Tampa, Florida, USA.

"This quiver is totally adjustable! I use this quiver hunting and at 3D shoots! It does whatever a guy wishes! This quiver adjusts to any angle you want and the arrows lock in tight so there is no noise from arrows coming loose when shooting! The camo goes so great with my Dalaa bow! This quiver is also light and comes off your bow so quick it will make your head spin! Sorry nothing bad to say about! It's sweet! Can do anything. 5 out of 5 star rating." From Elk Hunter of Missoula, Montana, USA.

"It is an awesome quiver, really light, no bow torgue. Built tuff, very easy to take off bow and put on. Can be adjusted to face more forward or back. Amazing." From tshort

"I hunt across North America in the most extreme conditions conquering trophy size animals, so failure is not an option. That is why I trust my entire hunt to TightSpot quivers." From Chase Fulcher, Hoyt & Easton Pro Staff

"When I first used a TightSpot quiver in 2010 I knew I had found a winner. Now I use them exclusively. When the conditions get tough or I am on a once-in-a-lifetime hunt, I need gear I can count on, that is why I always have a TightSpot on my bow." From Zach Bowhay, Field Editor Elk Hunter and Western Hunter Magazine

"Up until four years ago I would rarely hunt with my quiver attached to my bow. Quivers were merely a way to get my arrows from point A to point B. Then I found out about the TightSpot. Quiet, balanced and well-made, it's more like an extension of my bow instead of a bulky, clumsy arrow holder. Thanks TightSpot!" From Jake Leibke, avid bowhunter

"TightSpot quivers fit as tight to your bow as possible bringing the mass weight of your arrows right over your grip. It allows you to have great accuracy while shooting with your quiver on." From Brian Barney, avid bowhunter

"The lightweight versatility of this quiver and the ability of the quiver to become part of the bow, instead of a bulky accessory, makes it the only choice." From Dan Mayland, avid bowhunter

"....Last season I dropped my quiver 20 feet in sub zero temps and it didn't sustain a single piece of damage, a true testament to their durability." From Lucas Zemlicka, avid bowhunter

"With a TightSpot quiver I have full confidence that my arrows are firmly held in place, no matter the hunting situation. With this quiver, you get infinite adjustability, lightweight design and the added assurance that you're shooting the best quiver money can buy." From Brady Miller, avid bowhunter

"I have personally had the opportunity to test TightSpot against many other quivers. TightSpot is the easiest to install, lightest, most rigid and most reliable quiver I have ever used. No more losing arrows in the woods or breaking quivers for me! TightSpot baby!" From Austin May, Gold Tip & Bee Stinger

"An active hunter requires premium lightweight gear that will last through all conditions. TightSpot quiver is one of those premium products that I depend on that will ultimately result in a successful hunt. Thank you TightSpot for being a top notch company with a superior product!" From Phil Pimley, avid bowhunter

"Just the thought of hunting with my old loose quiver sickens me. I love my TightSpot! Get it right, get it Tight!" From Matt Alwine, Trophy State of Mind TV

"Spending over 150 days per year in the field, I need products I can trust. For the past 5 years I've trusted TightSpot. The quality, functionality and customer service that TightSpot provides, allows me to concentrate on my hunt, not my equipment. Thank you TightSpot for creating the finest quiver ever made." From Justin Olk, DreamPoint Outdoors Host

"I have always been one to shoot 'without' a quiver, until I mounted a TightSpot on my bow four years ago. Other quivers either stuck way out from my bow, did not hold the arrows firmly, or simply did not fit my bow correctly. TightSpot addresses all these issues. Give one a try and you will see, no other quivers compare!" From Brad Farris, Game Plan TV

"Simple is always better. TightSpot quivers give you every adjustment you could ask for. Adjustments so your quiver fits and balances to your bow and so your arrows and broadheads are always secure." From Will Primos, Primos Hunting Founder

"Quick detach, vibration free and tight-to-the-bow mounting are just a start....TightSpot is without a doubt the finest quiver on the market." From Taylor Edwards, Gold Tip, LLC

"My bow shoots better with the TightSpot on. The high modulus carbon rods and quiver placement act like a stabiliser and minimise hand torque...." From Bob Fromme, Performance Archery

"If you put a TightSpot quiver on your bow, you will never hunt without it. I like how close it sits to the bow and the easy access to that back-up or second arrow...." From Charlie Rehor, Bowsite.com

"Now with the installation of the TightSpot quiver to my hunting setup, I find I can shoot quiver-attached and be comfortable as well as completely accurate out to any yardage." From "Del" Del Mastro, Senior Pro Staff, Ben Pearson Archery

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