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Win & Win Inno CXT Takedown Recurve Riser Blue

Win & Win Inno CXT Takedown Recurve Riser

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Inno CXT Takedown Recurve Riser by Win and Win Archery.

Win and Win, innovators of carbon risers presents the Inno CXT Takedown Recurve Riser for sale here. The choice of champions. Accuracy, stability, no stress during release and a super smooth draw produce a consistent but powerfully strong shot, time after time with tighter groups and the string never hits your arm.

Specs at a glance : Win & Win Inno CXT Takedown Recurve Riser

  • Available in 25" - adjustable between 1210 grams & 1260 grams or 2.67lbs & 2.78lbs, 23" - adjustable between 1150gm & 1200 grams or 2.54lbs & 2.65lbs. Please specify length. Also available in 27" - adjustable between 1270 grams & 1320 grams or 2.8lbs & 2.91lbs which is a not stocked item but can be special ordered. Please enquire.
  • 25" is available in right hand and left hand. Please specify RH or LH. The 27" and 23" risers are available in right hand only.
  • Available in two tone colour options of Dark Red/White or Dark Navy/White, attractive glossy colours of Black, Silver, Red, Orange, Blue, White and muted matt tones of Black or Titanium Gray. Please specify colour required.
  • Comes in a strong cardboard box and is protected in stylish riser sleeve with plush lined insides and velcro flap to secure riser.
  • Comes with 20 page manual, CD on the Inno bow, swing tag with chain, keychain, 985mm x 195mm or 38.8" x 7.7" archers towel in carry cannister, spanner with special lugs for adjusting riser weights, 4 hex wrenches, spare protective film strips for riser, one small 10 gram riser weight and 4 large 25 gram riser weights.

Initially risers were made of wood, then of magnesium as it was light, strong and absorbed shock and vibration really well. Aluminium followed and has been the mainstay of riser compositions for many years, however aluminium cannot absorb shock and vibration levels that are present in today's bows. Even though the addition of dampeners had some success in reducing shock and vibration, it made bows too heavy.

Win & Win made significant advances, being innovators and the first to make their Inno CXT riser of carbon, a much lighter material than aluminium to maximise bow stability and minimise unnecessary limb movement at release so the bow is extremely stable, absorbing vibration efficiently and far more quickly than any other bow on the market today.

Win & Win believe the reaction of the string during the shot is a major element in producing accuracy, stability, arrow speed and a smooth draw and clearance at the moment of release. Unnecessary string movement makes the feel inconsistent and drains the archer's confidence in the shot. Many other bows create string movement side-to-side or up and down, which allows the limbs to move violently and results in a highly unbalanced bow. Win & Win was the first in the world to have researched the effects of bow string movement and the need for good string follow through and has resulted in the string never hitting your arm.

Win & Win Inno CXT features:

  • Riser weight is adjustable so you can customise the weight of your riser that best suits you.
  • The string never hits your arm.
  • No stress is felt during release.
  • All you experience is a powerfully strong shot.
  • More convenient centre shot adjustment - simply adjust the limbs and riser alignment without unstringing the bow. There is also a special washer designed to prevent the limb bolt from coming loose.
  • Minimal twisting - less than 0.1mm twisting, where aluminium risers produce 0.2-0.3mm twisting, resulting in accuracy with virtually perfect limb and riser alignment.
  • Easy adjustment of centre shot - no need to unstring the bow
  • Grip is designed to find the correct pressure point for you and especially takes into account the joint position of each finger, so it creates a very stable grip position and increases arrow groupings.
  • Absorbs shock and vibration and minimises unnecessary movement while shooting
  • Revolutionary design with 2 carbon posts to further reduce shock and vibration at the moment of release
  • Extremely stable

Win & Win Inno CXT Carbon Riser accepts:

  • All Win & Win recurve limbs
  • All Sebastien Flute or SF recurve limbs
  • All Hoyt Grand Prix recurve limbs - Grand Prix Carbon Quattro, Grand Prix Carbon ACE, Grand Prix Carbon 720 and Grand Prix Excel but not Hoyt Formula recurve limbs
  • Any other limbs with universal or international limb fitment (ILF)


Since its introduction, many competitive and Olympic archers have switched to the Inno CXT bow. Why don't you experience success with a Win & Win Inno CXT carbon riser.

Ukraine's Viktor Ruban won his country's first ever Olympic Gold Medal in archery at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games shooting an Inno CXT. Isn't that proof that the Inno is a winner? Remember the string never hits your arm.

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